Dream Button

Industrial Design

Waking up is hard – especially if you accidentally cancel the cell phone alarm by pressing the wrong part of the screen.

To help address oversleeping, we helped create Dream Button, the waxing moon shaped snooze button. Simply press Dream Button and it will snooze your native iOS and Android alarms – no app required. Just pair and you're good to go. Since Dream Button cannot cancel an alarm (unless programmed to do so via an app), you can snooze-on in peace without worry about hitting the wrong button.


Also, with the potential health concerns of sleeping near cell signals and bringing smart listening devices into the bedroom, Dream Button allows users to safely and securely use their alarms without having to have a phone, or mic bedside. This solution works great with a basic networked speaker, like a Sonos.

KDS also created a word mark & logo for Dream Button. Like the unit, the Dream Button word mark & logo are both simple to understand and comforting. 


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