Torch Router

Industrial Design

We all want to make sure our children learn, grow, and play in a safe environment. This can be a problem online, since there are so many easy ways one can go down rabbit holes. Fortunately, there are a lot of network settings that can help parent… yet unfortunately, you need a PHD in Computer Science to understand them.

Enter the Torch Router: a hardware and software solution aimed at tech novice parents looking to make the web a safe place for their children.


Early on, KDS focused on creating a form factor people enjoy looking at and can be comfortable out in the open, rather than hidden away behind a sofa or a bed. We also strove to add warmth and use to the product by adding a debossed maple veneer to the top. This debossed surface allows users a place to set their key, wallet, or change in the home environment.

Just as the software is simple to understand, so is the outer LED interface. When the internet is on, the Torch Router's light ring glows solid. When it is connecting, the ring pulsates. When it cannot connect, the ring glows read – all states that aim to be inherently understood, rather than having to read a manual.


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